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6 Reasons Why Marketing Should Use Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Modern marketing channels and techniques have progressed rapidly in recent years. But with so much being done through digital channels, we mustn’t forget about the impact that promotional items can have on your business. Here we discuss just a few of the reasons why you should consider including branded products in your marketing campaigns…

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Brand recognition

Research shows that 66% of those who receive a branded promotional product remember the brand on that product for up to 12 months. Promotional items are tangible and can be placed somewhere visible for a long time. In fact, 87% of people keep promotional items for over a year.

Promotional gifts can change buyer behaviour

Offering free promotional gifts can be a good way to encourage a purchase or to incentivise increased spend.

Increase customer loyalty

Other than providing excellent customer service, how else can you show your customers that they are valued? A cost-effective way to say thank you is by giving them a gift every once in a while. You’ll be surprised by how much they appreciate the thought.

Improve perception of the business

56% of people surveyed said that their impression of a business is improved after receiving a promotional gift. Small things like making them a drink in a branded mug and giving them a branded pen create an overall experience, helping you to portray a professional image.

Increase lead and referral generation

Your customers could advertise your brand for you without even realising it. If you give a genuinely useful branded item, your customers are more likely to keep it and, more importantly, use it. You may find that your target audience already have a better awareness of your business and are more interested in speaking with you.

Creating a feel-good factor for employees

To show your employees that they are valued you could offer them every-day promo items, such as pens, mugs and branded clothing. But why not take it one step further and give gifts for employee recognition, e.g. length of service, special achievements and delivering service excellence.

Information source: BMPA Study 2012

For more advice on promotional products, get in touch with one of our promotional advisors who will be happy to help.

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